Presentation of the 2022 Forum Entreprises and the associated platform

What is the Forum Entreprises?

The Forum Entreprises is the most advantageous opportunity for students to meet their future employers, as it is a job fair organized on the university campus. For two days, stands are available for companies to meet directly with our future graduates who are looking for a job or an internship. In addition, you are given the opportunity to hold a conference to present your field of activity and the different profiles sought by your company in greater detail.

What is the Jobingé platform?

The Jobingé platform allows companies to have a privileged contact with the students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Master in Civil Engineering with different aims as well as in Computer Science of the University of Liege). We invite you to take a look at the different sections in the Masters tab. The platform also allows you to contact the students of Industrial Engineering (Gramme, ISIL), Economic Sciences and Management Engineering (HEC), Scientists and Mathematicians (ULiège).
The platform is managed by the AEES (Association des Étudiants des Écoles Spéciales), one of the main student circles in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

What interest does jobingé have for my business?

The interest of the platform is to allow companies to contact and meet future graduates of the different institutions mentioned above. It gives your company excellent visibility to students, who are regularly invited to register on the platform, submit their CVs and consult the various pages. This is an effective way to stand out to students who are gradually entering the job market. They are particularly receptive, as they are looking for internships or final year work experience in companies.

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