The AEES in a few words

The A.E.E.S. is based on 5 distinct pillars:


This is by far the most important of all because an isolated student is an unhappy student, and God knows we only wish them happiness. Throughout the year, we organize a multitude of events designed not only to entertain but also to introduce students to worthwhile people; from the welcome barbecue to the sponsorship dinner to the traditional raid on the October Fair or even the welcome we give to all students at the bar.


Representation - We look after the interests of students by ensuring that they are well represented, through the student representatives, on the various councils that make decisions about the faculty. This includes not only the Faculty Council, but also the University Board of Governors, section councils and student federations.


We keep students up to date with the latest faculty news every month in your Ingenue, the student newspaper that we offer free of charge. In addition to faculty information, it also deals with current affairs and other more entertaining topics, always in a light-hearted tone. The A.E.E.S. will also provide you with information via Facebook (for events, in particular) or via the AEES website (https://aees.be/).

External relations

It is not enough to think about your life at the faculty, the A.E.E.S. is also concerned about the future of each student. Every year, it organizes the Forum Entreprises, which allows final-year students to have a first contact with their future employers. We also organize information sessions on engineering and computer science careers. Advice sessions on CV writing and mock job interviews are also organized.

Entertainment - Because being serious isn't everything!

The evenings that AEES organizes are sometimes classy and sometimes downbeat:

  • The parties that AEES organizes are: the Engineers' Ball, the Ingé-Psy party,...
  • Cultural and sports activities: cinema outings, bowling tournaments, karting evenings, a mini-football tournament, the October Fair...
  • Peyresq: This is the name of a small village in the Alps that has been restored by students for over 50 years. The AEES has a holiday home there which is open to students who want to recover between two sessions.
  • -The Revue takes place every three years. It is a satirical show entirely written, directed and performed by the students and featuring the professors of the faculty as well as the ingé orchestra!

But if our circle runs like clockwork, it is only thanks to all the students! Whether it's serving at the bar or helping out as a helper at our parties, their help or even just their presence is always welcome.
We hope to see you soon!

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