Forum entreprises

4 and 5 March 2024

The Forum Entreprises is the most advantageous opportunity for students to meet their future employers. Students come from the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Sciences, HEC, Gramme and ISIL.

Welcome to the Jobingé platform!

This platform, managed by the External Relations Committee of the AEES, contains everything you need to know about the Forum Entreprises.

Our aim is to promote contacts between students in Applied Sciences, Sciences and Computer Science and the world of employment through conferences and the Forum Entreprises.

Whether you are looking for an intern or an employee, you will meet many students at the Forum and you will be able to access their CVs afterwards.

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The strengths of the Forum Entreprises

  • This forum allows you to be closer to students who are looking for an internship or a job.

  • This platform allows you to obtain the CVs of students according to the Masters you are looking for.

  • Your company will be promoted to students either through this platform or through the advertising brochure that is distributed to them.

Les formules


Simple format: 5 March 2024


Simple format: 4 March 2024


Dual format: 5 March 2024


Dual format: 4 March 2024


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