Simple format: 5 March 2024

Simple format: 5 March 2024

This package gives access during one day of the Forum Entreprises
  • to a 2m long exhibition area
  • If desired, a 15-minute conference in the premises adjacent to the Forum
  • Access to electricity on each stand and to Wifi
  • Meals for two people: lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks,...
  • Access to the CV Book of the students registered on the platform (until 30 September 2024)
  • Two color pages in the brochure given free of charge to participating students (one page of presentation and one page of advertising provided by the participating company)
  • A copy of this brochure

Les formules


Simple format: 4 March 2024


Dual format: 5 March 2024


Dual format: 4 March 2024


CV Book + Display on the site


CV Book

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